Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Lady-like Layers

Sorry for going MIA on y'all...and here I thought I had been all sneaky and dodged the yucky bug making the rounds. 

 Better luck next time, eh? Blech.

 I hate being sick, but once I'm done being all "in PJ's all day, don't care if I shower, laying around in my sicky glory", I want to get all FANCY. 

 I mean girly dresses, pretty jewels, gorge heels...the whole nine yards! 

 Nothing says "I kicked your {bleep}" like a good ol' pair of fabulous heels, am I right, ladies???

So to incorporate all the lovelies I'm all goo-goo eyed over lately, I thought I should go with a minty always feels so fresh and clean (and not sick)...and not quite as intimidating as white (we are arch nemeses, me and white...I love it but dang it if I don't ruin it with food every. stinkin'. time.)

Lady-like Layers

Those Kate Spade heels are killing me right now...the minty green, the gold little bow, the crazy price tag...all factors that make me want them *real bad*. (c;

And that BAG. Isn't it lovely??? The kind of bag you would take home to meet the parents and settle down with. Raise little clutches.

And on that disturbing note, I bid you adieu and a fabulous weekend of stalking all the ridiculously spoiled lucky bloggers that are enjoying all the fab parties and shows at NYFW.

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Lindsay Kauffman said...

Love all the mint! I'm wearing mint nail polish right now and I'm loving it! Happy Friday!

Jenna said...

LOVE that dress. And I would wear pretty much anything Kate Spade made -- that company is perfection!

Jane Craske said...

So glad you're on the mend. LOVE the bright and happy colours, we're getting 35+cm of snow today and I am SO over winter at this point.

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Loving the mint!! I agree those heels are super fab!!

Happy Friday & have a great weekend!!!
World According to Shia

Alicia, River City Chic said...

love the mint! that dress is beyond amazing.

Jordan Skiles said...

Love your mint picks! I did a mint board on Opal & Violet this week, too!!

xo, Jordan

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Hahaha. A family of little clutches. You are funny :)
Glad to hear you are feeling better.

DeAnn@TheSIPproject said...

I'm just gonna comment on a few posts in one combined comment. Your kids are getting way to big, we just saw you but they already look bigger. I am loving mint green more and more. Also I would love to do a photo shoot involving lots of fur and layers. You could just style everyone before all my shoots...not that there has been many lately but you know, it would still be fun.