Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Hit the Slopes!

Wow, so this morning is a little bit of a rough start...

I'm having a lot of trouble getting out of the 'I-don't-feel-like-doing-a-*bleeping*-thing-today' mode. Ever have those days??? 

 Mine stems from the fact that my usually sweet and obedient Kindergartner got a note sent home yesterday about him being disruptive in class..."too chatty"...and while those that know me are just laughing right now and doing the sarcastic "I wonder where he gets *that* from???" joke, I would just like to state for the record that it really sucks knowing your kiddo isn't behaving up to par. Anyone else has this happen? 

Do you think locking him in his room until he's 18 is an acceptable solution??? 

 (I kid. I definitely think that's only a semi-acceptable solution.) 

 To take my mind off it, I'm thinking a nice ski trip would be beaucoup fantastico. Except for the fact that I haven't been skiing in about, oh, 12 YEARS. Maybe I'll just sit this one out looking FAB-U-LOUS....

Ski Bunny

Really dying over that sweater...I'm just really needing to add some good ol' Southwestern print to my closet...

Happy Weekend, ski bunnies! Hope your mini-bunnies are behaving better than mine...not difficult at the moment...(c;

P.S. Can you believe it's mutha-lovin' FEBRUARY???


Jane Craske said...

Ok, glad to hear about someone else obsessing too.

Mine got a talking to last week from her ballet teacher and almost got kicked out.

I had literally run next door to get a cup of coffee when they came out to see me and officially get the 'bad mom of the year award'.

Small one explained that she wasn't listening since she was hungry (gasp!). I was told by the teacher that I need to feed her more. Hang head.

She'd had four pancakes and three pieces of bacon before we left the house.

Rant now done.

VERY cute snow bunny outfit. LOVE the jacket.

Baby Mama Juice said...

Ugh. I would definitely have to drink 2 glasses of wine to make it all better. Love the snow bunny duds! I would love to go skiing!

Victoria said...

cute oufit,looks just right for skiing :) that sweater is funk yet works.

happy friday!

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

My sister called me the other day to tell me that my niece who is 3 and attending a pre-pre K program got in the yellow (based on a red bad yellow problem green good system) and when my sister asked my niece why she got in the yellow. My niece said you don't need to worry about it mom. She's heard my sister say that so of course I said wonder where she got that from ... so like a parrot she repeats. My sis gets stressed out all the time when she gets yellow but I tell her ... she's little ... she'll be okay ... not like she getting red.

Love your outfit!

Happy Friday & have a great weekend!
World According to Shia

Carrie from Talking In Space said...

On the bright side, chatting is probably an easier thing to correct than, let's say, punching other kids in the throat. : ) Last year, my daughter had to "pull a strip" for laughing at another kid who had to pull a strip. I figured the irony was punishment enough.

Amy Fashion Blog said...

have a great weekend

Shelley {Crazy Wonderful} said...

Yep, I can relate. The very first parent/teacher conference at preschool I was told by Izzy's teacher she's quite the talker and would rather chat it up with her girlfriends than pay attention. Awesome.

Oh, and seeing as how I thought I was going to need to be taken off the side of a mountain by a medical crew once, I'd be rocking the non-ski bunny look as well ;)

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Um, I want, I NEED that fur collared coat!

birdie to be said...

Love your outfit! Those boot and that jacket are amazing!