Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Light the fire!

Hola! Bienvinidos!

Nope, there isn't a fiesta going on in these parts, but darn it if Friday's Fancies doesn't have a fabulous bash going!

I really wish we were doing the bonfire thing this weekend: Cute sweaters, fun boots, gloves that you can still grip your thermos full of hot chocolate *and* use your phone...

That's right, I thought of everything. *wink*

Light the fire!

Now all I need is the fire!

I would totally settle for just this, though...

Dibbs on the comfy chair right there!!!

Have a cozy weekend, friends!
And P.S....I'm going to be choosing the winner of the KOKOON clothing $100 Giveaway winner tonight, so get your chance to win NOW!

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Lindsay said...

This look is so cute! I love the polka dot thermos! And I'm on the hunt for some cute lace up boots like those!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I love sweater this time of year. I need to buy some more of them.

Rebecca said...

Cute pieces! Great way to stay warm, cozy and chic!


Punctuation Mark said...

Looks so cute and comfortable!!! Have a nice one!!

Tamra {ever swoon} said...

Ohh I love that sweater!

designstiles said...

You know me and the cold don't usually get along but lately I've been craving some cozy-ing up by the fire with some warm sweaters and hot chocolate.