Friday, August 9, 2013

What we're up to and Disney's Planes Movie Review!

Oh Friday, how good you look! It's been forever! Like 6 days...(c;

So little man had his first day of 1st grade and guess what???
I didn't even cry! I was so proud of my overly-emotional preggo self. And he still holds my hand as we walk to school {heart that}.

And while the brother is away, the sister will play! This was the catch of the week: A baby gecko.

She was so proud (c:

And now a little word about movies...

So are you thinkin' of going to see Disney's 'Planes' this weekend???

I would advise against it.

I honestly wanted to love this one *SO* bad, I really did! I wanted it to be 'Cars' with planes, one that my kiddos would be entertained with over and over and that I actually wouldn't mind sitting down to myself. 

Not the case.

I really thought that having funny man Dane Cook as the lead voice would make this totally was okaaaaaaay...but the characters in this one just aren't nearly as funny and loveable.

I took my 4 (almost 5) year-old with me to this one and about half way through, she was begging me to leave. *sigh* I have to admit that I thought about it.

I think that a lot of kiddos will be entertained because it still has a good story behind it and hey, it's got PLANES, right? But I would save this one for the dollar theater, my friends. Sorry )c:


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

oh bummer!!! we already bought our tix to see planes tonight!!!

Shelley | Crazy Wonderful said...

LOVE that he is still holding your hand :) I'm a little creeped by the geckos lately. I like them from a distance. One made it's way into the house last week and I frrrreaked out when it started running down the wall. Thankfully my husband caught it and put it back outside. Now any time I open the door I do a quick perimeter search :D

Alexa said...

Thanks for the honest's such a bummer though when you really want to love a movie.

Lindsey @ be pretty said...

I mean can they get any cuter!!!!!!!!!! First grade???? Already???? OMGOSH, that's crazy and what's even more crazy to believe that summer is almost over and school is back in session! Props to sis for catching a geckos! xoxo

Clinique Medespoir said...

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