Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday's Fancies and Monsters University Movie Review!


 Can you just smell that new weekend smell??? I'm-a gonna soak it up.

I was going through some of our photos and videos a couple days ago and found these pictures and was comparing...



I'm having a major mommy preggers did they get so big???
Am I the only one that all of a sudden goes "Holy crap, where did the time go???"

So to drown my sorrows, I clearly needed to think about clothes (c:

I'm thinking some time on the beach is *clearly* in order...and I'm most definitely getting my grubby little paws on those sandals...$20??? No brainer.

And if you're looking for a getaway this weekend, but perhaps not the beach...why not go to the movies, hmmm?

Such an adorable movie!

Seriously, if you loved the first one, you'll love this one for all the same reasons: loveable characters, funny stuff going on, and a sweet storyline with a good message.

Thank goodness it's a completely different story (c;

This is definitely a true family flick because the little ones with love it for the characters they're probably already in love with and the adults will love it for the hilarious college cliches that make it all relatable. I wouldn't hesitate to take littles to this one, both of mine *loved* it.

I don't know that 3D added anything to this one, though, you can probably skip the 3D version...

Moral of the story: Disney/Pixar does it again (c:

Have a scary good weekend, y'all!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Lusting Lately...

Merry Monday to all.

Nothing like knowing that you really shouldn't/can't be shopping to *REALLY* make you want to shop, right?

Just the fact that I know I'm only growing and won't be able to wear "normal" clothes for, like, *EVER*...just makes me want to get stuff.

Thank heavens for jewelry and shoes (c;


Replacing the yellow polka dot bikini with an adorable yellow polka dot dress...check.

Super cool new baubles that always fit no matter what your belly looks like...check.

The most fantastic printed shorts and shoes...check and double check!

And the moment you've all been waiting for...the winner of the Appliances Online $50 Amazon card giveaway is:

Amy Florez!

Congrats Amy and thanks to everyone for participating in the fun!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Wedding Season!

It has been a good week...not like we've had any crazy good news or big's just one of those *good* weeks, y'know?

And I tell ya what, I've been craving a night out...the kind where I get to dress up in nice clothes and put on my big girl shoes.

I'm pretty sure a wedding would be a perfect event for that, am I right? A relatively casual summer wedding, preferably outside (but not in PHX, h-to-the-e-l-l no on that!)...and I would wear this and be happy as a little clam:

Isn't that dress just *gorgeous*??? 

Yellow makes me so happy (c:

As does giveaways, so...if you haven't already, be sure and join in the fun with the $50 Amazon card giveaway going on now!

Courtesy of Appliances Online.

Monday, June 10, 2013

$50 Amazon Card Giveaway from Appliances Online!

Today's post is sponsored by Appliances Online!

Appliances Online is the largest online appliance retailer in the UK featuring all the major brand kitchen appliances. They offer delivery 7 days a week and a no-fuss 10 day return guarantee.

I don't know about you, but shopping for appliances doesn't exactly thrill me (shocking right???)...especially with little ones in tow. So the fact that you can shop everything and just have it delivered right to your doorstep is a WIN-WIN for me! 

Plus, they actually have a pretty rad blog, AO@ Home Blog, that has all sorts of cool stuff to find:

I'm seriously enthralled by just looking through how you can do your very own marbled's *AMAZING*!

To be perfectly honest, it's one of the more entertaining blogs I've found as of late!

So the nice people over at Applicances Online want to offer one ATBAB reader a 

$50 Amazon gift card!!!

And let's be honest, who doesn't need $50 to Amazon? They have everything!

To Enter:

*Leave a comment telling me what you would blow your 50 bucks on (c: *

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That's up to three entries! 

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Good luck, lovelies!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Sunnies! And other randomness.

It's *FRIDAY*, y'all!!! 

 HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! (Seriously, I don't know what I did before Phil from Duck Dynasty.)

I don't know about you, but the pool has been my happy place as of this Friday's Fancies was right up my alley...I definitely need some new shades! 


And you know you're cool when you can steal your dad's Wayfarers. Pulling. It. Off. (c;

In other goings on, still working on the maternity fashion.  It's a work in progress...#ignorethetowelinthebackground

Along those lines, this is my new favorite necklace...I figure if people are looking at my huge colorful necklace, they won't be staring at the belly??? So sneaky, right?

Ebay find, BTW, for 20 bones.

Hope your weekend is sunny!

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