Thursday, February 28, 2013

Going Tribal

I grew up in New Mexico, so I've seen tribal prints around for a loooooong time. However, if you had ever told me I was going to actually be *partial* to any of them, I would've sent you right back to the nut house you came from.

Clearly, I'm feeling a wee bit different these days...

Am I the only one whose been crushing on tribal prints lately??? I think I desperately need a pair of tribal print leggings...and believe me, there is no shortage of this pattern out there!

 Case and point:

Dress * Shoes * Clutch * Cardi * Maxi * Leggings 

Nails? Go tribal. Shoes? Go tribal. Cardi? GO TRIBAL!!!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Busy, busy, busy...

So since today is a pretty stressful day for the hubby (he takes the BAR *tomorrow*, no biggie, right???),
we are taking the day to relax...or at least try (c; 

But I couldn't just not comment on how perfectly thrilled I was about the gorgeous dresses and winners at the AA's last night! 

Seriously, you can't talk about it without talking about Adele, she was *DIVINE* and her cute little acceptance speech with "I love my man" thrown in it was just so darn charming:

I couldn't love Anne Hathaway's hair any more than I do, except when she is wearing blush pink...the back of that dress was absolutely lovely and I *adored* her in Le Mis...(and these pictures don't really do that sparkler around her neck justice...)

And the princess of the night, Miss Jennifer Lawrence...albeit a clumsy princess...but darn it if she didn't look grand tripping up those stairs (c;

 (Like, best picture of the Oscars...)

What did you think about it all??? And spill on which dress was your absolute favorite. That's the best part, right?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Red Carpet Ready!

What I wouldn't give to actually have a place to where a glam gown...I mean running errands to the grocery store is glamorous and all, but I think people might look at me a little weird in this outfit...

I am always so drawn to red...and I loved the simple understated front (perfect for a big ol' statement necklace) and the fun and feminine details of the back. Reem Acra always has the most gorgeous stuff! 

And of course we can't just leave it all girly...we need a little edge...enter chunky chained statement necklace, studded heels and a structured and *ridiculously* cool clutch...

Dress*Shoes*Necklace*Bracelet*Clutch (no real source to buy)

And clearly I'm not the only gal who loves a red dress:

And I would just like to add that I would *TOTALLY* look just like all these ladies in my red dress...

...don't even look at me like that, Jennifer! (c;

So here's hoping it's an amazefest weekend for all you red carpet lovin' fashion gals...and I'm going to try out that whole grocery store thing (hey, you never know unless you try, right?).

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It's no secret that I'm completely obsessed an avid admirer of J Crew and all their *AMAZEBALLS* (yes, I pulled out that word just for *you*, J Crew) jewelry.

Seriously, I need like an J Crew Anonymous, it's like that level.

Buuuuuuuut...there had to be a "but", didn't there???...I'm kinda irritated with one teensy weensy thing right now.

The Frog.

I know, I know. I totally contributed to the mania last year over the frog bracelet (and good golly, I still adore that little guy)...but holy croakers, have you seen what they've been up to lately?

So around 2006/2007 they came out with this little guy, "the original" frog necklace:

 Super cute and fabulous...

Then the pandemonium over this little guy in 2012:
Also freakin' fantastic...

And then you should probably leave it alone for another 6 or 7 years and revisit, right? I mean, you can't create that kind of boom again right away, no?

Apparently they disagree because a few months ago, they came out with this:

Whaaaaat??? Haven't we just seen this little guy?

Then I jump on there and see they have come out with *ANOTHER* one: I'm all for giving the people what they want, but did they notice that the last version went to sale price and they still weren't getting rid of them?

I dunno, I'm no Jenna, but this all seems slightly on the loco side of Crazytown...

Okay, I promise that my tirade is over. 

Kisses, J Crew, I still love you (c;

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I wear your grandad's clothes...

I look incredible.

I totally switched the station when I first heard this song, but I *couldn't* for the life of me get the beat and lyrics out of my head.

So naturally I listened to it again. And again. And again.

It's ridiculously addicting. I'm not a fan of the F-bomb, so I'm jamming to the edited version, but I have to admit the awesome line makes me smile a little every time.

Plus, can you really not like a song about thrifting???

THRIFT SHOP (PG Radio Edit Clean version) - MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS FEAT. WANZ from Garrett Wesley Gibbons on Vimeo.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hodge Podge, Modge Podge...a DIY reveal!


And for some reason, there never seems to be enough for all my mounds of junk to put everything away (especially in my kitchen).

So the mister and I decided we needed a small cabinet.

Enter my great Goodwill score, $10, baby.

Admittedly, not in the most stellar shape, but hey, for $10...and it's very solid and the dimensions were dang near perfect!

I decided to try my hand at Modge Podge because all the cool kids are doing it, and let's face it, I was totally not getting those ridiculous gouges out of the top anyways (c;

So inspiration ensued (along with tutorial youtube vids. Yes, I'm *that* person.)

This last one was my favorite from Miss Courtney over at A Thoughtful Place...and I figured, hey, if *she* thought it was a good idea...(c:

I had some leftover wrapping paper from Christmas that I L-O-V-E-D and figured I wouldn't get completely sick of it too quick. You can't really tell that well, but they're cute little gold dots...

And let me just say, it *DID NOT* turn out perfect...that size of surface + lack of patience = lots of bubbles and wrinkles. And definitely listen to the tutorials when they say coat the surface *AND* the paper (mistake numero dos for me), it will definitely work out and adhere better that way.

However, flaws and pigheadedness aside, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out:

Not bad for less than $20 on the whole project, no?

Perfect??? Naw, let's not get carried away...

Functional? You betcha, and further proof that spray paint fixes *EVERYTHING*.

Have you ever tried this??? Do you have any brilliant tips for the when-and-if I ever attempt this again???

And P.S. - Happy President's Day to all my American friends!!! And curses that it means the kiddos are out of school (c;

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Red and Pink!

I really need to stop checking my Instagram before going to sleep...I totally dreamed that I met Sarah Vickers at my house and that we were having a nice little chat about fashion. 

 It was weird. And awesome.

I think she would definitely approve of my choices today...I'm thinkin' for that date at a fancy place (y'know, like the one you went on yesterday, right? (c; ) with a little fun flair...

Valentines Date

I think I might actually have a coronary if those Louboutins were ever actually maybe I should stay away from them???

NAH! It's totally a chance I'm willing to take (c:

Happy Weekend to all you party lovin' like Lohan...and the rest of you will have a *WAY* better weekend, because let's face it, jail isn't that fun. (c;

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Day

Happy Love Day, loves (c:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Be Mine

As much as I love my husband, I've asked a few other lookers to be my valentines this year....

Yes, all of them. (c: 

Tank * Shoes * Bracelet * Pants * Clutch * Bag * Earrings

Oh gorgeous Tory, *BE MINE* (c;

Monday, February 11, 2013


Life 'round these parts has been kinda busy...but the good kind (c:

What??? Don't you feed ducks oreos???

I really think this little Brad Goreski gem should've come home with me:

My new shirt...and a photo bomber...

The usual suspects...but in firemen hats...

Feeling the classics yesterday...

How was *your* weekend??? I need another weekend to rest from the weekend...

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Lady-like Layers

Sorry for going MIA on y'all...and here I thought I had been all sneaky and dodged the yucky bug making the rounds. 

 Better luck next time, eh? Blech.

 I hate being sick, but once I'm done being all "in PJ's all day, don't care if I shower, laying around in my sicky glory", I want to get all FANCY. 

 I mean girly dresses, pretty jewels, gorge heels...the whole nine yards! 

 Nothing says "I kicked your {bleep}" like a good ol' pair of fabulous heels, am I right, ladies???

So to incorporate all the lovelies I'm all goo-goo eyed over lately, I thought I should go with a minty always feels so fresh and clean (and not sick)...and not quite as intimidating as white (we are arch nemeses, me and white...I love it but dang it if I don't ruin it with food every. stinkin'. time.)

Lady-like Layers

Those Kate Spade heels are killing me right now...the minty green, the gold little bow, the crazy price tag...all factors that make me want them *real bad*. (c;

And that BAG. Isn't it lovely??? The kind of bag you would take home to meet the parents and settle down with. Raise little clutches.

And on that disturbing note, I bid you adieu and a fabulous weekend of stalking all the ridiculously spoiled lucky bloggers that are enjoying all the fab parties and shows at NYFW.

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