Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ruffle me this...

I am *DYING* over these fantastic dresses on etsy, this shop called the Ritzy Rose is selling the gorgeous vintage dresses that she used for her bridesmaids in her wedding.

The minty green one is just perfection in a 1950s vintage dress. Really there are no words. Except for where the heck were these dresses (and the $250 they cost) when I was going to high school dances?!? But I digress...I must think up an occasion where it would be appropriate for an almost 30 year-old mom to wear one of these...hmmm....
I got nothin'.

That Funky Boutique

But these do remind me of a design trend that I am also crushing on right now...

All of these can be found on etsy...(c:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So I don't do the twitter thing myself (I know, I'm getting old), but I love me some bird decor...and dang if it isn't all the rage right now! It can go for cute and classy as nursery/children's room or as a beautiful grown up space just as perfectly. On the wings of love...(c;

Yeah, too much, I know.

{Sugar Fresh}

{Via the Marion House}

Monday, September 27, 2010

Who doesn't enjoy a walk on the wild side?

So I was just perusing Elle Decor and this gorgeous room popped up...

In my book, turquiose and zebra print is pretty much always a fabulous combination. Well, actually, it is always a fabulous combination when done fabulously. You know what I mean.

When it comes to animal print, I am not really crazy about leopard, but with these gorgeous little gems here...

(Okay, so I don't know how to get the picture out of here...grrrrrr...but p.254 is A-mazing)

Elle Decor

Toby Farley

And if you wanted a little bit o' zebra to spice up your space, even good old Wally World is getting in on the action...and they didn't do a half bad job! (I'm a bargain girl myself) I think I feel a little bit of an obsession coming on...

A Place to Dream...

So I am secretly creating this blog because I am in *love* with all things design/decorating. How pathetic that it is a secret. I am so lame. Moving on... This is going to be the place where all my crazy ideas, projects, and wishes get thrown out into the blogosphere (is that how you spell that word?) in the hopes that I will get to connect with other design lovers like myself.