Thursday, September 5, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Transition Time!

Hello, hello, hello!

 See, if you say it three times then it comes off as more friendly and witty, right? (c;

I would like to thank Mindy Kaling for my new mantra until this kiddo decides to show up:
This is pretty much me at this point (c;

However, the kids are still for reals psyched, as evidenced by their crazy poses on our weekend getaway over Labor Day:

We were in cooler temperatures for 2 and a half *blissful* days and let me tell you, I'm just *SO* ready for fall now!

Unfortunately, it's not as ready for the Phoenix area. *BOOOOOOO!!!*

So we're gonna cook up some fashion that can carry us through this messy little "transition" phase! 

LOVE these new sweatshirts from Old Navy, really light-weight and adorable...they will definitely see every statement necklace I own this Fall!

You could totally do this same outfit with shorts and still be pretty summery...I just need those boots to find their way into my closet...push present??? (c;

Sweatshirt * NecklaceBoots * Jeans 

To all of you that are experiencing the Summer/Fall transition: I kinda hate you right now.

I mean that in the nicest possible way...

...or maybe not so much nice as very hormonal-and-tired-of-being-preggers kind of way (c;

Either way, have a fantastical weekend!

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