Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Style Crush!

Well hellooooooo, Friday! 

Aren't you just looking scrumdidlyumptious after this week! (c;

Of note this week:

Sprinkles has come out with a Bacon Maple cupcake.


I'm totally curious to know if it really is as delicious as it sounds...

Furbish is renown for their awesomeness which just got kicked up a notch in my book after I spied these totally rad new Snake Prints...


And not really of note (but happening anyways), a whole lotta this:

What can I say? It's HOT.

So as an escape from the heat, I'm thinking of Paris in the fall...a la Carrie Bradshaw.

I still love this outfit that she wears when she first steps into Paris #divine #fashionwaswhyiwatched

But I had to infused some color into my version...hey, I just gotta be me, right? (c;

Skirt * Shirt * Jacket * Shoes * Fedora

So tell me, who is your fashion icon??? 

Anyone else still totally miss SATC???

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Mellissa "Shia" Rondinelli said...

One of my favorite Carrie looks ... loving your take on it with the pops of blue.

Have a great weekend chillaxin!!
World According to Shia

Christine Dovey said...

Those snake prints...holy jeezus...insane goodness. Love the pool shot- very Beverly Hills Hotelish:)

Jane Craske said...

I totally miss SATC too but really hope they don't succumb to pressure and make another movie (let's face it #2 was grim).

Alexa said...

Bacon cupcakes???? I'm intrigued!

Gloria said...

I totally want to try those Bacon Maple cupcakes - yum!