Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My peeps

I collect all sorts of crap on Pinterest...seriously, I think I've got a bajillion boards of who-knows-what that I have no idea what I'm going to do with. EVER.

But dang it, I sure like having them! (c; 

One of them is the one where I collect cool photos of cool people...mostly celebs, so in real life they might not be that cool...but darn it, I'd like to think that if we all got together for a dinner soiree, it would be BOMB. 




Oh yes, we're all on a first name basis here. Duh.

Isn't everyone on a first name basis with their fantasy life??? Oh, well I thought...no? Hmm.

Just kidding...?

P.S. Anyone else think that Tavi Gevinson would be so fun to talk to??? I'm fascinated with that precocious little punk... (c:


Lindsey @ be pretty said...

Ohhhh loving your Pinterest famous peeps collection! That image of SJP is breathtaking! I've always loved that one ohhhh and yes Tavi would make great conversation! :)

Amy said...

I love these photos! I have a couple photos of celebrities on my "Smile" pinboard... one is kristen wiig blowing a bubble of bubblegum and the other is Tina Fey applying lipstick all over her face. The photos make me so happy and I would LOVE to hang out with those funny ladies any day of the week!

Lonely Wife Project said...

I could pretty much stare at celeb pics all day long!

Alexa said...

Dude you do know some cool peeps and they should be honored to dine with you! ;)

Bud and Leo said...

love that pic of sjp - she is perfect!

Tamra {ever swoon} said...

your pinterest boards are winning! seriously love these shots and i love your pinterest honesty. I can completely relate, after being on pinterest for over a year and a half, i have an immense collection of random things.

Carleigh said...

I love all these pictures :) I'm a big fan of Audrey Hepburn, and I know you are too!!!!

designstiles said...

Marylin was so zexy cute. That's not always an easy combo to have.