Monday, August 13, 2012

Grabbin' some style

You know that awkward moment when  you've just done a ridiculous happy dance and then  realized it's in public? 

Me either.

But these pics had me doing happy dances everywhere. Yes, EVERYWHERE. (If you saw one of these "dances", I apologize.)

You have to see her hair, too... on Lindsey Regan Thorne

And *stop it*, J Crew, just stop it!

Have you spotted any "happy dance worthy" things lately???


bestie said...

these are actually make me dream of early fall (and i am a big summer fan). adore all the hot pinks. everyone should wear more hot pink.

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Lindsey @ be pretty said...

Ahhhhhhhh...... you featured my makeup and hair did on your blog - I LOVE YOU! This just made my day, sista! :) eeeekkk...... but for realz... that entire bloggy just made me droll.... my goodness the Lonny space????? AHHHHHHHHH if we only had millions! AND Bee's wardrobe, gah, but her body to wear it!!! GIMMIEE! Love it, GF! :) xoxxx

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Lol, I can see why you are doing the happy dance, Aubrey. There's so much color here!

Olivia Moone said...

Lol. I love this post!

White Lacquer said...

Sometimes I think you live in my head. Not that I'm complaining. Let's get together for yesterday.

Xx. Patience

Julie Khuu said...

I know...that marblelized bathroom is OUTRAGEOUS! Gorgeous and decadent, love that all-out pattern is back with a vengeance! Now just waiting for all the chintzy matchy-matchy walls, drapery, bedding to revive then it's ON! Gorgeous collection babe!

Thank you for continuing to stop by with such awesome feedback, would love to get your thoughts on my most recent hotel renovation! Hope to see you soon!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Bud and Leo said...

so beautiful- love that wallpaper and of course BEE can do NO wrong!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the trend of eye-popping color! That's truly what makes me do my happy dance :)