Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Spring has Sprung!

And aren't we just so glad that spring is finally here??? 

 I'm not super excited about the fact that it seems to already be summer here (it's been in the 90's already...are you kidding me???) which I would probably be okay with except for one tiny little detail: being preggers. 

Dang, come August I'm going to be DYING.

But we're going to focus on the fact that I'm still comfortable now and darn it if the spring stuff that's coming out isn't just killin' it!

SO OBSESSED with those J Crew heels...I promise I always set out to avoid J Crew entirely on my boards (don't want to be *too predictable*, right?)
but shoot, it always ends up on there in a big way. Apparently I'm no good at resisting their charms (c;

Spring has Sprung

So put a spring in your step, it's SPRING!!!

Happy Weekend, y'all!

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Haley said...

The knockoff version of that necklace has arrived!

Still $76, though... boo.

Sara Mueller said...

I love those bow heels!

Suzanne S. said...

I love all of those colours! they look so pretty together :)

Sandra Carson said...

Liked the heels..:)