Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guest Post: La Maison Boheme!!!

Keeping with our theme of fabulousness this week, we have Sarah from La Maison Boheme! I just stumbled on her blog a little while ago and she has been impressing me ever since! You know what I love best about her style? It is so down-to-earth. Somehow she takes things that I wouldn't usually be head-over-heels for and makes it *special* and I just fell in love with her home. I don't know how she does it, it is some crazy voodoo or, or maybe just crazy talent! (c:
(Don't worry, it makes sense if you don't think about it.)

Hi!  Sarah here from La Maison Boheme.  

I was so excited that Aubrey asked me to write about what makes my house feel like home.  My husband and I purchased our home in September of 2009 and we've had a wonderful time transforming the spaces to suit our tastes and our family's needs.  The first thing that makes a house a home is art!  All of the art in our house was acquired while traveling or was made by our family.  The piece below was painted by my grandmother.

My three year old son, Walker, is a budding artist and his work gets wall space too.  Some of his art hangs together in our entry way.

Another thing that makes a house a home is books.  I'm a writer and my husband is an avid reader, so we've got stacks of books all over the house. 

Ours is a family home and I feel that the kids should be represented and made to feel comfortable.  They are also responsible for their share of keeping our home clean and in working order.  In addition to displaying Walker's artwork, I try to have fun playthings stashed around the house.  For instance, I have this apothecary jar on my sideboard filled with plastic army men.

And, of course, every home needs comfy places to rest your head.

And the most important thing that makes our house feel like home?  My boys!

Aubrey, thank you so much for inviting me here today!  
I love your blog!

Thanks so much for being here Sarah! Don't you just love the fun little touches in her home??? I was just thinking that I have no idea why I *don't* have a jar of army men in my house... (c:

I just love her home and I was stunned to find out this week that her precious little Charlie is in need of our help!

Sarah explained his struggle earlier this week:
"Charlie had a very rough start in life.  About 12 hours after he was born, he began having seizures. An MRI revealed he had suffered an in-utero stroke affecting the right side of his brain. More tests revealed other health issues including a heart murmur, an enlarged PFO (a hole in the heart), a narrow aorta, kidney problems, and a condition called Craniosynostosis.  In his first few days of life, we were surrounded by specialists and doctors who used scary words like Cerebral Palsy, Hemiplegia, Paralysis, Epilepsy, mental retardation, repeat stroke, etc. Charlie is 8 months old today and I'm celebrating.  I'm celebrating because while many of these prognoses are still on the table, Charlie is well on his way to surmounting the challenges of his stroke.  He is healing.  And I believe that he is getting better because of the love of friends, family and a wide community of support."
But they still have a long was to go and some very large medical bills.
Enter Charlie's older brother, Walker. (c:

They have an Etsy shop that sells Walker's lovely artwork (did you see it in her entryway and throughout her house?) that benefits "Help Charlie Heal" also has a blog where you can just donate for this sweet little guy...

I hope we can all pull together and help this little angel continue his journey and help to ease this sweet family's burden!


christine {bijouandboheme} said...

I just love Sarah and her beautiful family. Her home is a perfect reflection of her and feels/looks so welcoming. The army men in the apothecary jar is brilliant- I'm so taking this idea for my little guys train collection- so whimisical and she's right...a perfect way to incorporate the kids' belongings into the design of a room. Love all of her artwork and of course, Walker's is my absolute favourite- I can't wait for my cards to arrive. xo

abode love said...

I am in love with this home, I love all of the details and the artwork is amazing! I think in a home, nothing makes it more personal and unique than what you hang on the walls.... thanks for sharing this lovely home!

Ana Antunes said...

This was a great house tour. Thank you Aubrey for letting us know Sarah and her family. I didn't know her blog. Loved Charlie's art on the walls and today I'm going to pray for him too.

Naomi @ Design Manifest said...

Such a lovely, lived in home! I adore all of their art. I just bought some of Walker's art last week. Every little bit helps, right?

Bud and Leo said...

I love her house! It's so homey yet creative which is always hard for me to achieve ;). Walkers art is just beautiful. Thank you for the introduction. I'm definitely going to order some cards.

Diana Mieczan said...

This home is truly amazing. I love the artwork so much. Have a great day, sunshine

Ps: I’m hosting a super fun 3 winners GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in :)

Amy said...

Cute idea to have his toys stashed away in random places. Thanks for showcasing her blog.


Her home is so lovely! I heard about her hardships earlier this week. Thanks for spreading the word and helping out :)

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

I'm so glad to have Sarah here today! I'm still finding little details that I'm just crushing on in that house!

designstiles said...

It's tough not to tear up about Charlie. Just donated today.

Rachel @ Little Bits of Lovely said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful home. I love the colour they have used in the dining room and the lovely details like the apothecary jar filled with army men & matches! I'm so saddened to hear about Charlie's story, but the artwork his brother has done is just the sweetest thing a big brother could do and looks fab in their home xo

Pawleys Island Posh said...

this just breaks my heart. My sweet babygirl was also diagnosed with craniosynostosis and at just nine months old has already had two major surgeries. I have so say, I'm thankful she is our first child because we didn't know anything different. It's excruciating to see those sweet babies in pain. I know the financial burden is so great and hopefully that etsy shop will sell out soon! Extra prayers for Charlie and his family!