Thursday, June 13, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Wedding Season!

It has been a good week...not like we've had any crazy good news or big's just one of those *good* weeks, y'know?

And I tell ya what, I've been craving a night out...the kind where I get to dress up in nice clothes and put on my big girl shoes.

I'm pretty sure a wedding would be a perfect event for that, am I right? A relatively casual summer wedding, preferably outside (but not in PHX, h-to-the-e-l-l no on that!)...and I would wear this and be happy as a little clam:

Isn't that dress just *gorgeous*??? 

Yellow makes me so happy (c:

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Courtesy of Appliances Online.


birdie to be said...

Lovely! Those wedges are gorgeous!

game man said...

Looking for you :D

guardian game

ashlyn williams said...

glad to hear you had a good week. we always needs those from time to time.

& love that dress paired with the wedges. perfect for a summer wedding!


Amy Florez said...

Love that color combination!! So cheery you can't help but smile!!!

Jane Craske said...

That's an awesome dress! This is the first year in forever that we have no weddings. I guess you reach a certain age and...

Courtney said...

Dying for that dress, it's just the perfect summer maxi! Great post, stop by sometime <3

Xo Courtney

Lindsey @ be pretty said...

Ummmm loving that entire outfit and I'm with you.... I love a dressy evening out, is crisper air! ;) It's been so dang hot and humid here it's hard to even enjoy stepping outside. Love the dress and the heels my dear... I hope you had some sort of dressing up fun this weekend. xoxo

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