Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Guest Post: A FabuLESS Home!!!

Today we have the pleasure of one of my newest blogging buddy's company, Maury from A FabuLESS Home!
I can't even tell you how much I love the creativity that this lady puts in to her fantastic home! You are getting a *small* dose of it today, but I assure you that there is much more fabulousness to see in her lovely abode!

I am seriously SO SO SO excited to be guest posting here today. I have ADORED Aubrey’s blog for a long time. A while ago, she emailed me and asked to me to be a part of this series and I about had a stroke. Of course, I immediately set my date so that she couldn’t realize her error. So here I am!


A little about me… my husband and I recently bought a new-to-us home in SC. I started my blog to catalog the journey of updating the home and making it “ours.” So far we’ve finished the FAMILY ROOM, the SUNROOM, the KITCHEN (kinda), the POWDER ROOM and I’m working on the dining room now (click HERE to see Before/After pictures!). It’s been a lot of work but I’ve really loved it, except for the tears, splinters, bruises, exhaustion and now, lack of money. No really… I’ve loved it.

Through all that, I realize that I have a tendency to skip from project-to-project, room-to-room… never really stopping to appreciate my house and how far we’ve come. So when Aubrey asked me to write about what I really love, I decided to write about my top 5 favorite crafts that I’ve made for the new house.

This project was done to fill a huge wall in my sunroom that was completely blank. The best part is… it’s completely free. I used empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls, cut them down and glued them together.

The best part about this project is seeing people’s faces when I tell them that I’ve made wall art out of toilet paper rolls. It’s pretty hysterical.


I’ve loved this project because it was such a collaboration between my husband and I. He wanted mirrors over the couch, but then I found these really cool ceiling tiles at an antique store in Asheville, NC. So he cut them out, we used mirror that we already had and made unique pieces. Total cost for this was $50 ($40 for the ceiling tiles and $10 to have the mirror cut to size). Then last week, I saw this at an antique fair:


$125 each! and I actually like mine better because they have more paint on them and the metal on mine has a really pretty bronzy patina.

Powder Room After (3)

Powder Room After (2)

Everything was changed… walls, sink, vanity, toilet, window treatments. Such a small room became a huge project. It took me about 12 hours to complete the stenciling (over the course of 3 days). Plus, every time I go in there, I find another spot that isn’t perfect. Still, it’s one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Kitchen Before (2)

Kitchen Before (3)

Most people who read my blog would be surprised by this choice (in fact, my post on this was called “DON’T EVER PAINT YOUR CABINETS”) Most of the tears that I spoke about before came during this project. We removed the cabinets over the sink and painted them all white. Yes I realize it’s practically sacrilege to paint pretty wood, but see how dark the room was? Now, it looks like this:

Kitchen After (2)

Kitchen In Progress (8)

We’re definitely not done with the kitchen, but the painted cabinets, pendant lights and taking down the dividing cabinets made a huge difference in the way this room feels. So after months of recuperation, I can say that I’m glad I did it.


This is the newest of my projects. In fact, I just completed it on Sunday, but I love it. Such a quick and cheap ($15!) project but it’s fun and I love it. Yes, I know I have WAY TOO MANY earrings.

So I hope I’ve inspired you with some of the projects… but more than anything, I hope you take a few minutes to appreciate your home and your favorite things. I hope to make more of an effort to appreciate each project and room that I’ve completed. 

Thanks so much to Aubrey for having me!

I am definitely feeling inspired, I'm going to look at my toilet paper a whole new way now!!! 

That really came out different than I was thinking it in my head...

But seriously, so many great projects and that amazing kitchen makeover!!! I'm always a complete sucker for a great kitchen (c: And if you haven't checked out A FabuLESS Home, hop on over and let the inspiration continue!!! (c:

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MyStyleVita said...

WOW! That is all so impressive! I love the stenciled wall!!! gorgeous!

xoxo Jessica @

Last day for my giveaway! Hope you enter.

Leslie said...

That powder room is gorgeous! What great ideas. :)

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

the toilet paper wall art is fantastic!! who woulda thought?! those cabinets sure are a great transformation too!! fabulosoooo!

natasha {schue love} said...

I adore the stenciled bathroom! Looks beautiful! :)

Starr @ The Kiefer Cottage said...

My mother-in-law thinks wood finishes are always best left intact, even ugly ones. I completely disagree! Love the paint in the kitchen!

Tamra {walkswithBella} said...

Love the new paint in the kitchen, great upgrade!! Oh and the stenciled bathroom is perfect. x

adventuresindinner said...

I did the same thing in the kitchen and it is enough to tie us over until we can gut the room properly. What a job though! LOVE the stencils. I'm not sure I have the patience :-)

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

maury has done so many great things! i love that powder room!

Kim @ keller-creative said...

Great projects from another SC lady. Off to check out her blog!

Alexa said...

Love the wall and the cabinets. You cannot go wrong with white!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Maury, that is a kitchen upgrade to be proud of! I can't believe what a difference white paint makes. Love your blog, it is always a pleasure to check in and see what project you're up to :)

Kristine - A Graceful Home said...

Love the stenciled powder room! Great projects! I'm off to check out the blog! Such a great series Aubrey!

Daydreamer said...

stenciling is HARD to do well; this powder room is beautifully done! The toilet paper wall art is hilar!

rachel @ Just a Touch of Gray said...

I love the stenciled bathroom! So pretty!

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

OMG... the before kitchen looks eerily like mine! I'm off to read about the transformation!